24 hour sleep talk for World Sleep Day 2021

Hi there 👋

Thanks so much for your interest in our upcoming sleep event. This is your chance to find out everything you've ever wanted to know about sleep. We have a limited number of free spaces available so make sure to register to secure your spot. When you register you'll get an event access link straightaway and an event schedule will appear in your inbox soon. You can also share your link with up to three friends! As this is a global event, you can invite friends from anywhere in the world. 

Event timings:
London: Midnight Friday 19th March until midnight Saturday 20th March
Sydney: 11am Friday 19th March until 11am Saturday 20th March
New York: Thursday 18th March 7pm until Friday 19th March 7pm
LA: Thursday 18th March 4pm until Friday 19th March 4pm

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